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Cuban specialists demonstrate the advantages of using traditional herbal medicine in treating older adults, as an alternative to the high consumption of psychotropic drugs at that stage.


Dr. Marlon Cedeño, in the city of Bayamo, Granma province, investigates negative effects of psychotropic drugs (used to treat mental disorders), the reasons why elderly abuse these chemicals, and replace benefits of natural products.


The specialist told AIN that several people 60 years or older suffer from psychological disorders due to inadequate treatment of the family, retirement, frequent change of home, feelings of worthlessness and other situations.


For this reason, he added, that population segment increased consumption of those preparations, some of which ingested in high doses or for long periods cause insomnia, anxiety, weakness, impaired memory and ability to react, and self-destructive attitudes.


Instead, natural procederes as apitherapy (derived from honey bees), floral therapies, herbal roots, bark, fruit and leaves of plants, do not cause dependence and interaction with other medications not react in harm to the body, he said .


According to Cedeno, surveys Granma doctors and patients reveal that the most used, prescribed or self-medicated, industrial drugs are meprobamate, diazepam, chlordiazepoxide, amitriptyline as an antidepressant, and phenobarbital.


Cedeño stressed the duty of families and institutions to ensure emotional stability and social integration of the elderly, to avoid psychological disorders in this ethereal group representing 16 percent of Cubans.


2025 will be a quarter of the population of the island, the highest ratio in Latin America, according to demographic studies.

Source: Granma