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We already know that Yoga means union and for this specific topic, we could say that is the union of age or era of youth or maturity with the fullness of life. When a human being enters this age or state of "elderly person", wisdom, inner peace and respect for all is enhanced.


As time progresses and the course of the years lived, limiting mobility begin slowly, but we can always take help of some disciplines such as yoga, to get more physical and mental energy.


The practice of Yoga as a discipline should be done every day, for a healthy, flexible and agile body and a clear mind.


Yoga is recommended for older people with specific asanas or posture that benefit the body. The practice should be done in an open or well ventilated area, preferably before eating and calmly to avoid efforts.


The greatest benefits that can be obtained are: flexibility, balance and mental control.


• The flexibility is acquired with the realization of different positions to counter the lack of movement with which we can come up when you reach a certain age.

• The balance is essential to prevent falls, that on reaching old age may have important consequences.

• And the mental mastery is to keep the memory and know what to do and how to act at any time.


These reasons are more than valid to exercise the body and mind daily to strengthen muscles, bones, mind.


It is also very important to oxygenate the body, this can be done with pranayama or breathing exercises that will help the respiratory system remains ventilated and carry energy and oxygen to the brain to regenerate neurons and vital organs.


Breathing stimulates circulation, help prevent respiratory diseases and clean the nostrils. Some yoga postures solve specific problems such as blood pressure and nervous system and heart disease. Yoga also promotes a positive approach to life.