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 ¿What is DIMAGOLD.COM ? is a social network specially designed for the elderly as part of the Older Adult Program in Action developed by the University Magister.

It will have a place to spend a different time by equally connect and to interact with seniors anywhere in the world, just as we have educational and recreational content such as articles and videos of interest ... Besides classic cinema of this we have a space for the rescue of knowledge.

How do I get an account?

Very easy! It is totally free and you just have to click on the menu option REGISTER DIMAGOLD opening and fill the requested data. Remember that only the data that have an asterisk are mandatory, the rest are just optional.

Operating room schedule?

Our site operates 24 hours, 365 days a year..

How I can interact with other users?

In the start menu to open you find a brief welcome and on top of a bar appears with different options. One of them says "Enter the forum" by clicking there, can connect with our community and leave comments on all topics of conversation raised in that space.

We also have a private chat, which immediately opens the log, and will appear in the bottom right.

How to access multimedia content?

Simple, just click on the menu item that says VIDEOS, and have access to a large library of movies of yesteryear, classic cartoons, documentaries, among others.

What device should I use to open, you can only be opened from the computer?

Thanks to our new Responsive WEB technology, you can now use your TABLET. DIMAGOLD, Cell Smart, laptop or any device with internet access. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.