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Did you know that pets can somehow give therapy to their owners? The coexistence of seniors with pets have positive effects on the person, the most important is that they are a company against loneliness.


As time passes, there are more older adults who spend their days in the company of a pet. Coexistence that a pet can provide is both emotionally and to improve our health, this is called animalterapia. They can be fish, cats, birds, but the most common are dogs.


The benefits that a pet can give older adults, are emotional and health.


The mood rises and improved seeing things funny and curious pet, sometimes causing laughter. When it is stroking a pet, causing a state of peace and tranquility in people, causing a normal heart rhythm and thus regulating its pressure.


Being earrings pet and their needs helps them feel more active, take her out also causes activity and improves health.


Pasero reduces them out of sedentary lifestyle, which is estimated to affect 98 percent of older adults.


Older adults who have lost someone close, go through different and difficult emotional stages that often affects their health or worse. For these cases it is helpful to have or get a pet. The mascot will from day one the strength to move forward and not take refuge in the passage making it difficult to present. All the aforementioned benefits, will help you stick with your life now in a different way and making a deep relationship with your pet.


Much of seniors, being in solitude for different occupations family or neglect them, you can endanger your health. Having a pet in such cases is truly comfortable for them to make a life for someone, your pet.


Having a daily activity with someone, even a pet will allow them to move forward, deal with something either daily activity to take the pet, feed or to brush it, besides causing a subject of different conversation, and not only talk about diseases, if not productive and funny things that the pet may cause.