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Ingredients (6 people)

3 liters water
1/4 chicken
400 grs. beef
Un bone beef
Un bone pork backbone
Un trotter cut into four pieces
Un piece bacon
Un piece sausage (not spicy)
Una small cabbage
250 grs. chickpeas
2 potatoes
  Vermicelli soup
  Saffron powder (book)
  To make the filling
50 grs bread crumbs
2 eggs
25 grs salty ham
5 grs olive oil



1. We soak the chickpeas overnight with hot water and a handful

of salt.


2. In the pressure cooker we put the water and meat, but chicken and chorizo, and before

espumaremos close broth two or three times, we will remove the fat that makes when

begins to boil, we will cover the pot and let cook 20 minutes when starts

Turn the valve.


3. In a saucepan put a little water, we clean the cabbage and put them to cook

with chorizo pepper to remove and reduce the strength of cabbage for about 8 minutes.

We drain them and reserve.


4. When the broth uncover the pot, rinsed chickpeas and put

in broth with chicken, cabbage, chorizo and potatoes, salt and a pinch of saffron



5. We put the pot on the fire and cook for about 10 minutes.


6. Meanwhile we make the filling. Beat the eggs, we put the sliced ham

with scissors into small pieces, a little parsley and bread crumbs. 


7. We remove well as for an omelette, and put the oil pan and do

French tortilla with all these ingredients.


8. When we uncover the pot will add to the broth and a boil.


9. Strain the broth and serve the soup in a bowl put the chickpeas,

cabbage and potatoes and other source we clean the bones and meat filling.



- I  put the chickpeas in a mesh selling special for cooked. 

And vegetables also get along with the potatoes. So not stain the broth and more

easy to strain it. It is very tasty.


- Pressure Cooker
- Casserole Pan
- Sorces to serve


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Difficulty Very Easy Cost Medium
Time Medium (20'-40') Country España España
Location Castilla and León Season Winter
Age Old Spicy Not Spicy at all
Vegetarians No Texture Half Soft
Temperature Warm Cook Boiled / Cooked
Kind of Cook Traditional Cook Dish for Dinners