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Selva negra

Ingredients (8 people)  

300 g butter
100 g confectioners' sugar
400g  self-rising flour  
1kg milk cream
200g cup chocolate bar
1/2 lemon
  a cup of water and half a cup of sugar lemon half this is for so ALMIBAR is used to moisten the cake.
200 g cherries
400 g strawberry pulp
300 cc milk
6 eggs
100 g dark cocoa
300g sugar



1.  Place the dry ingredients the self-rising flour, cocoa and sugar.


2.  Place the well soft butter with the eggs and beat well and milk, once well beaten integrate the dry ingredients.


3.  Preheat oven soft, and cook 40 min in the cold unmold cake .Once soft oven and cut into three layers, moisten with syrup. To make the syrup placed in a cup of water with lemon diced half cup sugar and cook at least 10 minutes to cool.


4.  Beat the cream with the confectioners' sugar, and fill first with the pulp of strawberries, then cream and cherries if they are big cut in halves then place the other lid repeat the above cover with whipped cream and garnish with chocolate on grated bar and cherries highlighted.


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